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1542. Carta do doutor Jorge, médico, para o doutor Jorge Henriques, seu primo.

Autor(es) Jorge      
Destinatario(s) Jorge Henriques      
In English

Family letter from dr. Jorge, doctor, to dr. Jorge Henriques, his cousin.

The author reports various events and misfortunes that happened to him during the military expedition against Algiers.

This is one of the letters in the collection "Corpo Cronológico", a documental fund under the custody of the National Archive of Torre do Tombo. It is a collection composed mostly by documentation of judicial and administrative nature, from 1161 to 1696. After the earthquake of 1755 many scattered documents were incorporated in this fund. Just like the name suggests, the main criterion of organization within the Corpo Cronológico is the documents' date.

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tas as tromẽtas que pasei que seria
ĩfinito cõtarlho p saber ir armada
argell fuy a genova a ẽbarquarme pa
ver se podia ganhar algũa cousa
pa repairar a fortuna derãmme
cargo do espritall do ẽmperador
quỹze ducados de partido po mes
que feito sosoder o negocio como
foi fizera pveito achei me hũa
galle que deu a costa travesia
õde sahi u grãde trabalho e pi
rigro que hi todos levamos dahi
fuy ter a ilha de sardenha com
panhia de algũas 6 cõpanhias de soll
dados õde estive este ĩmverno de
libirei vir busquar o sõr meu pmo
diogo fernãdes po eu saber estar so
fazẽdo os negocios da nacão

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