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[1721]. Carta de Juana María de Toledo para José Rovira y Arnella, fraile y prior.

Autor(es) Juana María de Toledo      
Destinatario(s) José Rovira y Arnella      
In English

Private letter from Juana María de Toledo to José Rovira y Arnella, friar and prior

«Master Priest,

Everything Mr. Miret says is true. And I know his resolution would have been concluded if Don Manuel hadn’t been annoyed with a colic, for having been working from the beginning of the evening until one o’clock, to honour his word. And I know that he has reserved tomorrow, holiday, for that, because today he is busy with a lawsuit of a woman from Tortosa and there is no need to be careful because that is my duty.»

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Pe mo todo

lo que dize el
Sr mirete es
cierto; y se que
se hubiera
Concluydo su
despacho si no
hubiera esta
do Dn ml ayer
molestado de
una Colica
por haberse que
dado antes de anoche
asta la una trabaxando; por Cumplir
Con la palabra Y se que mañana que

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