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Facsimile Lines

[1554]. Carta de Dona Isabel Moniz para Pedro de Alcáçova Carneiro, secretário de estado.

Author(s) Isabel Moniz      
Addressee(s) Pedro de Alcáçova Carneiro      
In English

Private letter from Dona Isabel Moniz to Pedro de Alcáçova Carneiro, secretary of State.

The author addresses the secretary of the king, giving him an account of her needs and asking him for his intervention regarding the allocation of favors.

Both letters PSCR0061 and PSCR0062 appear to be part of a process developed by Dona Isabel Moniz, trying to get some favors from the King John III, with whom she had two sons before he got married to Dona Catarina of Austria. There are at least two other letters addressed Dona Isabel Moniz to the Queen Dona Catarina, one in 1554 and another in 1561, in which she requests her intervention so that the monarch will grant those favors, arguing that this is to protect the interests of a "daughter". According to some other information, however, this would rather be a niece, daughter of her sister. These are two of the several letters that can be found in the collection "Corpo Cronológico", a documental fund under the custody of the National Archive of Torre do Tombo. It is a collection composed mostly by documentation of judicial and administrative nature, from 1161 to 1696. After the earthquake of 1755 many scattered documents were incorporated in this fund. Just like the name suggests, the main criterion of organization within the Corpo Cronológico is the documents' date.

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a esperaca q ate esta presente me sostantou foi

ter por certa a vontade q me diziã q vosa
merce tĩnha pera ma fazer da qual aida
descunfio pois q o cũnhicimento q tenho de
quei lhe mada pera esperar polo q espero
mas as nicisidades minhas tãtas q me fa
zẽ fazer esta pera pidir a vosa merce
q tẽnha piadade de mi porq se cõten
tamdo a furtuna o q me deu quer por
todas as vĩas sĩta dela o poder
os mufinos cõmo a minha
q o eu fose acãbar esta
vĩda pera fazer
todos os hũmanos fiquei porq
ds pois q se diso quer
nam seria desta vĩda o
sor ds sẽ a sostentacão
por meus pequados tãbem
beijarei as mãos de vosa merce mandar
me despaisar algũa pruvisã por q
acãbe de perecer porq vai dos ãnos
q ricibi mais de vinte mil reais q
tẽnho despesas hese moco q mas da

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