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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

Syntactic Trees

[1823]. Bilhete atribuído a Miguel, frade, provavelmente dirigido a António Coutinho.

Author(s) Miguel      
Addressee(s) António Coutinho      
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These proceedings were opened against a gang of thieves who acted in several places of the reign of Portugal, such as fairs, markets, roads and private properties. They robbed merchants, tradesmen and several persons in their homes. The defendants were also accused of beating and murdering some of their victims. Although there were several complainers, the most active one was Rodrigo José dos Santos, a goldsmith who feared that once the defendants were released, they would take revenge from their accusers.

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Sentence s-3 fas tertura mas sem falte
Sentence s-4 espero amanhãa mas asim mesmo se fás ofencão
Sentence s-5 e dahi mesmo traze coatro preços
Sentence s-6 que tens tempo porcura,o amanhãã sem falta
Sentence s-7 espero sedo sem falta
Sentence s-8 não te esquesas das pedras

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