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[1690-1699]. Carta de Catarina Escolástica de Almeida de Amaral para o primo, Manuel Viegas Lobo.

Autor(es) Catarina Escolástica de Almeida de Amaral      
Destinatário(s) Manuel Viegas Lobo      
In English

Family letter from Catarina Escolástica de Almeida de Amaral to her cousin, Manuel Viegas Lobo.

The author expresses her solidarity towards the cousin and asks him to help her, since she has two girls to raise.

Manuel Viegas Lobo, the addressee of this letter, was accused of commiting bigamy. He was also accused of having promiscuous relations and being involved in acts of sodomy and "other crimes". He was sentenced to exile more than once.

«Dear cousin. I’ve been feeling sorry for your unrest as much as my family tie obliges me to. May Our Lord solve your troubles and give you the success I wish for my own things. You can believe that the fact that I have failed to do what I should was not due to my lack of will, but you know very well the improprieties that constrain me. Dear cousin, some days ago I wrote you a few lines, from which I got no answer. I would be very sorry to know that you didn’t receive it. There I asked you to remember that I have two girls, moreover poor, and that, seeing the generous way you treat other unrelated girls, I’m pretty sure you would spend some money with me, because, despite your troubles, you still have a lot. May Our Lord give you great success in everything, as I wish. May Gog keep you.

Your cousin, Escolástica d’Almeida»

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Frase s-2 tenho sentido tanto esta molestia de Vm coanto as resois de parenta me obrigam
Frase s-3 noso Sor lhe ponha a Vm tudo em bem e lhe de aquele suseso que eu dezejo pa todas as minhas coisas
Frase s-4 pode Vm entemder q o ter eu faltado ao q devia fazer não he por falta de vomtade mas bem sabe Vm as mtas emcoveniensias q me empedem
Frase s-5 sor pro os dias pasados escrevio a Vm humas regras de q não tive reposta
Frase s-6 tsentirei eu mto ela lhe não fose ter a mão
Frase s-7 nela lhe dizia a Vm se lembrase q eu que tinha duas raparigas e pobres e a vista da grandeza que Vm se ha as de fora não descomfio de que Vm comiguo dispenda alguma coiza q sem embarguo de que Vm se ve nesa aflisam ainda tem pa mto mais

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