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You can type in a list of named queries below, and get the results plotted on the world map. Before the query form there are some examples that you can click on to see the result.

Example 1:

Query name CQL Query
mujer [form="mujer"]
muger [form="muger"]

Example 2:

Query name CQL Query
además de [nform="además"] [nform="de"]
demás de [nform="demás"] [nform="de"]
a más de [nform="a"] [nform="más"] [nform="de"]

Example 3:

Query name CQL Query
ditongos e hiatos portugueses XVI-XVII [ltags="diphthong_and_hiatus"] :: match.text_lang = "PT" & int(match.text_year) >= 1500 & int(match.text_year) <= 1650 within text
ditongos e hiatos portugueses XVII-XVIII [ltags="diphthong_and_hiatus"] :: match.text_lang = "PT" & int(match.text_year) >= 1651 & int(match.text_year) <= 1750 within text
ditongos e hiatos portugueses XVIII-XIX [ltags="diphthong_and_hiatus"] :: match.text_lang = "PT" & int(match.text_year) >= 1751 & int(match.text_year) <= 1840 within text

Type your query:

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