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[1757]. Carta de Ana María Gutiérrez para Domingo Blas Basaraz.

Autor(es) Ana María Gutiérrez      
Destinatário(s) Domingo Blas Basaraz      
In English

Letter from Ana María Gutiérrez to Domingo Blas Basaraz.

The author informs Domingo Blas that she received his letters, and tells him that she intends to personally bring him the final judgement of a lawsuit.

In 1758, Domingo de Blas de Basaraz sued Ana María Gutiérrez for the payment of the services he had rendered her as a defence attorney in a previous lawsuit (Ana Maria had been accused of the theft of some jewellery by Don Francisco de Piélagos and Don Ignacio Gutiérrez). To support his accusation, Domingo de Blas presented several letters Ana María Gutiérrez had sent him. The court ruled against Ana María Gutiérrez and forced her to pay the 700 reales she owed Domingo de Blas along with all the costs, until the complete repayment of the debt.

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