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1827. Carta de Maria José de Miranda para seu filho José Caldeira Vieira de Andrade, cadete.

Autor(es) Maria José de Miranda      
Destinatário(s) José Caldeira Vieira de Andrade      
In English

Family letter from Maria José Miranda to her son, José Caldeira Vieira de Andrade, cadet.

The author asks her son to be careful, and to, in the event of his arrest, get someone to immediately let her know about it.

The process of José Caldeira Vieira de Andrade, cadet in Elvas, accused of deserting the army, is contemporary with the liberal revolution in Portugal, during which liberal insurgents opposed the supporters of absolutism, led by the King D. Miguel. In reaction to this revolt, the forces of the regime persecuted and arrested people on the streets, simply based on common complaints and without further investigation.

«José. Yesterday, I've received news from you through José Timóteo, who told me he had seen you out in Rossio and that he had warned you that you shouldn't expose yourself, but he said you mocked it. As far as I can see, you show less and less good sense, because you wish your own misfortune and you increase my sorrow. You assume that me and other people were in the position to deceive you. It is you who is going to deceive yourself, because there are people from here who want to arrest you, since they only dedicate themselves to harm those who have never harmed anyone. We must be patient and ask God to help us with his infinite mercy. I live as you must know, full of sorrow and distress because I find myself apart from you and your father. I'm always afraid of your troubles and of seeing all our misfortune despite having comitted no crimes, apart from our haste. Well, let's move on to another thing. If you suffer the disgrace of being arrested, you should have someone in prevention to warn me right away, and who can help you, so that you can be sent to a place where there are clean people and don't stay in a place called the dungeons. Well, be aware of what you do. You should hide yourself, so that no one catches you. José Madolado was arrested on the 17th, last month, in Tavira, and now he is coming to one of the forts, which puts us in great distress since we don't know what these evil people will do to him. You can advise your fellow to never wish to come to this land nor to the 3rd Regiment, because going to hell is better, since it is much more peaceful there, for sure. The muleteer hasn't departured yet. I'll warn you when he is about to arrive there. Please, accept your sisters' and your mother's yearnings. Maria José de Miranda. And let me know where the boy lives and his door number. 3 November

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