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[1530]. Billete de Antonio de Medrano, cura, para su hermano Bernardino Díaz de Medrano.

Autor(es) Antonio de Medrano      
Destinatário(s) Bernardino Díaz de Medrano      
In English

Family note from Antonio de Medrano, priest, to his brother, Bernardino Díaz de Medrano.

The author asks his brother to send him some food items.

The defendant in this process was Antonio de Medrano, a priest in Navarrete and Fuenmayor (La Rioja). In 1526, he was accused by the Inquisition of Logroño of making heretical propositions. Because of this, he was condemned to pay 100 gold ducats. He was also forbidden from preaching in private homes and from delivering the communion to minors. Four years later, he was again accused by the Inquisition, this time in Toledo, and his crimes here were the practice of "alumbrismo" and epicureanism. He was punished with another penalty fee and the suspension of his priesthood for two years, and condemned to perpetual reclusion in a monastery.

The notes sent by Antonio de Medrano to his brother Bernardino Díaz de Medrano, asking him to take him certain foods and tools to the jail, were handed over to the prosecutor of the Holy Office, who joined them to the proceedings as a proof of the epicureanism of the accused, because these notes allegedly proved that he was interested only in eating and drinking well.

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