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1659. Carta de Francisco Díaz Méndez para Ana López (La Larga), hilandera.

Autor(es) Francisco Díaz Méndez      
Destinatário(s) Ana López      
In English

Letter from Francisco Díaz Méndez to Ana López (La Larga), a spinner.

The author writes Ana López to tell her that Diego is getting better and to inform her about a trip to Madrid he intends to do.

Ana López, nicknamed La Larga, was a stockinger and spinner from Daimiel. In 1663, she was accused of being a healer and of doing spells. In particular, she was accused of doing love spells, spells to find animals who have been lost, and to heal people. This letters were seized from the accused when she was arrested, and in them many spells made by Ana López are mentioned, many of which had not had any effect or had been problematic. The letters were used as a proof to accuse her. During the interrogation, she declared that she was illiterate and she could only prepare certain medicines to heal certain sicknesses, and that what she did was not sorcery or witchcraft. Eventually, she was sentenced to six years of banishment and reprehended. Moreover, all her properties were seized.

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Sra Ana Lopez

Dos Billetes he escripto a vmd y con este son tres y de ninguno he tenido respuesta en los quales avisaba como estaba diego mui malo de la cabeça y que vmd hiciera diligencia con alguna persona para ver el remedio que se podia dar para que sanara Pues ya vmd sabe la enfermedad que tiene. Ya agora Dios sea loado ba a mexor y quisiera que fuera a alcala dentro de ocho u diez dias vmd vea si ai algun remedio que hacerle u si se yra ansi como esta. De todo se servira vmd de avisarme dando la carta del Portador de esta que es Po lopez soler, para que me la remita que yo lo satisfare y me mande en que le sirva a quien Dios ge, ciud Real y diziemba 8 de 1659 años.

Fran dias mendez

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