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1791. Carta de Madalena de Jesus Maria, regente da Real Casa da Roda dos Expostos de Lisboa, a Vital de Medeiros, trabalhador do estanco do tabaco.

Autor(es) Madalena de Jesus Maria      
Destinatário(s) Vital de Medeiros      
In English

Private letter from Madalena de Jesus Maria, director of the Royal House of the Foundling Wheel of Lisbon, to Vital Medeiros, a tobacco worker.

The author gives some information about Francisco Henriques, who is in prison for assaulting the recipient.

Francisco Henriques, married to Inácia de Jesus, was accused of assaulting Vital de Medeiros because he constantly disturbed his wife. Vital de Medeiros stalked Inácia de Jesus, who had been his servant for many years, trying to convince her to leave her husband and go back to work as a servant at his house. Francisco Henriques tried to convince Vital de Medeiros’s wife and the director of the Royal House of the Foundling Wheel of Lisbon to intercede on his behalf. Despite his efforts, he was sentenced to 4 years of exile in Castro Marim.

«Mister Vital de Medeiros.

First of all, I want to know about your health, as well as that of Madam Teresa de Jesus, to whom I send my compliments and I wish both of you as much happiness as I wish for myself. I inform you that your son-in-law wrote me that letter, asking me to intercede on his behalf. However, as I’m not sure of his good or bad intentions, I will not do it. In order to satisfy your daughter and respect you, I send you the letters he sent me here. He promised not to offend, but I can’t be sure of it; may God whisper what’s best. And from everything that is happening, and that will happen, don’t say a word to no one, so that your daughter won’t suffer. Yes, don’t do it yet. She was not here because she has told me she wanted to be involved in her husband’s release. I’ve been giving her what I believe to be good and reasonable advice, since I assure her that, if she leaves from here, she will only get more trouble to herself and to her husband. He said he wanted to talk to you and ask you for forgiveness. In this case, I can only tell him yes. When you can and it doesn’t cause you any trouble, please come talk to me, and Madam Teresa de Jesus as well, because, the truth is I care for him a lot and I have told your daughter many times that you are people with status, you and Madam Teresa de Jesus. Your daughter has been giving me quite some work, but I do it all with my heart in God and because I feel pity for her. I told her already that, if this continues, what she earns won’t be enough to pay for the stamps of the letters. I’ll bother you no more. I ask you to send me back the letter of the prisoner that was address to me. I’ll write no more. Your daughter asks for your blessing and sends her love. May God keep you as long as I live.

From your minor servant, who’s much obliged, Madalena de Jesus Maria»

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