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[1829]. Carta de uma autora não identificada para José Moro, espanhol, preso.

Autor(es) Anónima11      
Destinatário(s) José Moro      
In English

Love letter from an unidentified author to José Moro, a Spanish prisoner.

Love letter with complaints to an imprisoned addressee. In the verso of this page there is the letter filed as PS6024.

José Moro, a Spanish prisoner in the jail of Belém, Lisbon, was found with some papers and eleven counterfeit lead coins. Among the papers, hidden in the clothes of the prisoner, the warden found a book full of counts, drawings, letters and notes. Testifying about the reasons of his detention, the accused declared he had been arrested after the order of the Intendant to arrest every Spanish person, in the 7th of June 1828 (PS6024).

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