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1804. Carta de Lucía de Elías para su hermano Joaquín de Elías.

Autor(es) Lucía de Elías      
Destinatário(s) Joaquín de Elías      
In English

Letter from Lucía de Elías to her brother Joaquín de Elías.

Lucía de Elías writes to her brother, Joaquín de Elías, to apologise for the interested use that Luis Gómez, a lawyer, made of the correspondence between her and the latter.

In 1806, Teresa Gómez Nieva appealed the sentence from a previous litigation between her brother, Luis Gómez Nieva, and Joaquín Elías Vigrite about the purchase of a hacienda in the village of Barajas. The hacienda was bought by Joaquín Elías, who presumably used the money he administrated from Luis Gómez to settle the transaction. Therefore, the deceased Luis Gómez´s sister, as hes heir, tried to obtain a favourable ruling, as she was facing a tight economic situation. Eventually, the final judgement was favourable to Joaquín Elías in 1817, which confirmed the previous ruling. This letter was provided by Joaquín de Elías´ party, because “it destroys the arguments that Nieva’s malice makes of other letters from Lucía to Nieva himself, given that she was seduced by the letters he wrote her in order to fascinate her”, f.355r.

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