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[1574-1584]. Carta de María López de Aguiar para Ramiro de Villegas, abogado.

Autor(es) María López de Aguiar      
Destinatário(s) Ramiro de Villegas      
In English

Letter from María López de Aguiar to Ramiro de Villegas, lawyer.

The author asks Ramiro de Villegas to meet with a merchant and a girl for a money transaction.

In 1584, María López de Aguiar was accused by Ramiro de Villegas, lawyer of the «Real Audiencia», of injury and other crimes. The accused gave a house to rent to Ramiro de Villegas, pledging to repair the upper rooms of this house to live there herself. Ramiro de Villegas, who advanced María López de Aguiar some money for the work, claimed that not only the works had not been done, but also that María López de Aguiar refused to give him the keys to several rooms and allowed many people to use the house, during days and nights. The letter transcribed here was provided by Ramiro de Villegas, along with several documents and payment cards signed by María López de Aguiar.

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