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1569. Carta de Juana Ortiz para su hermano Juan Ortiz, zapatero.

Autor(es) Juana Ortiz      
Destinatário(s) Juan Ortiz      
In English

Letter from Juana Ortiz to his brother Juan Ortiz, shoemaker.

The author explains her brother Juan Ortiz that she has been imprisoned and that his wife and daughter are in a good state of health.

The lawsuit was brought between 1569 and 1570 against Juan Ortiz, from Mombeltrán (Ávila), for dishonesty. The accused was eventually condemned. He had been denounced to the Inquisition tribunal because during Shrovetide he had disguised himself with a plate and he had started kissing the townsfolk saying "donate something for Saint Lucy". This letter was sent him by his sister, Juana Ortiz, with a note attached. In the note, Juana Ortiz warned his brother that he would be denounced and he advised him to get a good lawyer. The letter and the certificate have been treated as separate documents: PS6131 and PS6132, respectively.

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