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1791. Carta de Manuel Joaquín Erejalde, apoderado, para Manuel Recio González, procurador.

Autor(es) Manuel Joaquín Erejalde      
Destinatário(s) Manuel Recio González      
In English

Letter from Manuel Joaquín Erejalde, a representative, to Manuel Recio González, a lawyer.

The author writes the lawyer who is bringing the lawsuit to the Chancellery of Valladolid, explaining him the reasons why he could not send the official letter that would have given the addressee the power of attorney.

Gabriela de Irazabal, mother of María Antonia de Arana, accused Francisco Elejalde, son of José Ignacio Lujambio, of rape. In order to be able to defend him in the process, the lawyer of the accused asked him to send a letter in which he gave him the power of attorney. This letter is the answer of the representative of the accused, who explains why he could not do this. This letter was used by Manuel Recio González to demonstrate that the absence of this letter was caused only by the client, and to demand from this the payment of his honorary. The accused obtained a postponement, and eventually sent the official letter.

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