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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1612. Carta de Francisco Miravete, lugarteniente del Justicia de Aragón y consultor del Santo Oficio, para su cuñado Francisco de Rubalcaba, secretario del Santo Oficio.

Autor(es) Francisco Miravete      
Destinatário(s) Francisco de Rubalcaba      
In English

Letter from Francisco Miravete, deputy of the Tribunal of Aragon and consultant of the Inquisition Tribunal, to Francisco de Rubalcaba, secretary of the Inquisition Tribunal.

The author informs Francisco de Rubalcaba that his brother, Antonio Miravete, refuses to return to the addressee both the documentation and the silver flask, and that, for the moment, it would be better to stop insisting about it.

The accused in this process was Antonio Miravete, notary. In 1612 he was accused by the Inquisition Tribunal of Zaragoza of threatening to kill his brother-in-law, Francisco de Rubalcaba, secretary of the Inquisition Tribunal. This had repeatedly asked Antonio Miravete to hand over to him copy of the documentation he had submitted to become a member of the brotherhood of the church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar. These documents had to be deposited in the archive of the brotherhood, but Antonio Miravete was keeping them for himself, alleging that Francisco de Rubalcaba owed him some money as a fee for the admission in the brotherhood. Moreover, Antonio Miravete refused to return Francisco de Rubalcaba other objects, among them a silver flask. The proceedings are incomplete, so we cannot know if the accused was eventually condemned and which was the sentence.

This transcription includes also the previous letter from Francisco de Rubalcaba (PSCR6252), because the two letters are written in the same page.

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