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[1628]. Carta de Constanza Díaz para su hermana Catalina Díaz.

Author(s) Constanza Díaz      
Addressee(s) Catalina Díaz      
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Letter from Constanza Díaz to her sister, Catalina Díaz.

The author informs her sister that she arrived safely to Madrid, and gives her news about some of their relatives.

The accused in this process was María González de Candame. In 1628 she was accused by the Inquisition Tribunal of Toledo of bigamy, because she had married two men: firstly, Pedro Rodríguez de Calo, halberdier of the «Real Audiencia» de La Coruña (a secular tribunal), and then another man in Madrid, in 1628. The letter written by Constanza Díaz to her sister Catalina Díaz was what triggered the cause, because in this letter the author wrote that María González de Candame was going to get married soon with another man, alleging that her first husband had died. The addressee showed the letter to Pedro Rodríguez de Calo, who asked her to keep it in order to show it to the Inquisition Tribunal. The proceedings are incomplete, so we cannot know if the accused was eventually condemned and which was the sentence.

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