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[1580-1600]. Carta de dona Filipa de Jesus de Portugal, freira, para Jerónimo Botelho.

Autor(es) Filipa de Jesus de Portugal      
Destinatário(s) Jerónimo Botelho      
In English

Private letter from dona Filipa de Jesus de Portugal, a nun, to Jerónimo Botelho.

The author asks the addressee to intercede on her behalf and see that her captivity is less harsh. She complains about the lack of shoes, the illness and the rigors of her exile.

Dona Filipa de Portugal was the daughter of Dom António prior do Crato, claimant of the Portuguese thrown during the succession crisis after the death of Dom Sebastião in 1578. When Felipe II of Spain was crowned king of Portugal, he allegedly persecuted the daughters of Dom António, arresting them in Castilian convents.

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