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1568. Carta de Gonçalo Nunes para a sua mulher, Guiomar Fernandes.

Autor(es) Gonçalo Nunes      
Destinatário(s) Guiomar Fernandes      
In English

Private letter from Gonçalo Nunes to his wife, Guiomar Fernandes.

So that he can be released, the author tells his wike to act how she is told by his friend, Fernão Martins.

This case concerns Diogo Nunes, a false identity that Gonçalo Nunes engineered in order to marry for a second time, in Elvas. Faced with this suspicion, the vicar of Elvas, António Pereira, together with the city's bailiffs, investigated him and sent a letter to the ecclesiastical authorities of Évora telling the aforementioned facts (PSCR0027). Along with this communication, he also sent two letters written by the defendant: one (PSCR0028) as evidence of his crime, and the other one to his first wife (PSCR0029).

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