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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1576. Carta de Gonçalo Eanes, serrador e homem que vivia de sua fazenda, para Gregório Serrão, padre da Companhia de Jesus

Autor(es) Gonçalo Eanes      
Destinatário(s) Gregório Serrão      
In English

Request letter sent from Gonçalo Eanes, a sawmill owner, to Gregório Serrão, a Jesuit priest.

The author asks the addressee to try to make his wife join him in Brazil before he dies.

Catarina Dias, a woman who sold glass in the Lisbon market square was arrested and accused of bigamy by the Inquisition in 1576. She had married a sawmill worker, Gonçalo Eanes, twenty years earlier, just before he went to Brazil, where he became rich as a sawmill owner. He lived by his rent and had several sawmil slaves in his house in Bahia. Catarina Dias remarried a paver, João de Medina, while her first husband was still alive and the letter here published was given to the Inquisition by its addressee as a proof of her guilt.

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