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1600. Carta de Miguel da Anunciação, frade, para Marcos da Trindade, ministro provincial da Sagrada Ordem da Penitência.

Autor(es) Miguel da Anunciação      
Destinatário(s) Marcos da Trindade      
In English

Private letter from Miguel da Anunciação, friar, to Marcos da Trindade, provincial minister of the Sagrada Ordem da Penitência.

The author asks a superior to remove the censorship previously imposed on him, since he now presents a good behavior.

This case concerns Vicente Borges, charged with the unlawful exercise of ecclesiastical functions. The defendant was born in Lisbon and claimed to have been a friar in a convent in Coimbra. He was arrested and accused of various crimes, including sodomy, robbery and extorsion, assuming various false names. He was later condemned to go to Angola, with seven years in the galleys, and was considered suspect of heresy and apostasy.

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