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1592. Carta não-autógrafa de Catarina Garcia de Cabreira para o marido, António do Vale de Vasconcelos.

Autor(es) Catarina Garcia de Cabreira      
Destinatário(s) António do Vale de Vasconcelos      
In English

Non autograph family letter from Catarina Garcia de Cabreira to her husband, António do Vale de Vasconcelos.

The author tells her husband how she misses him, and asks him for news.

The defendant in this process is António do Vale de Vasconcelos (also known as "Lebracho"), accused of bigamy. He was married in Alentejo, Portugal, to Catarina Garcia de Cabreira, but then went to Brazil, in 1591, and there he got married with Helena Leitoa, while his first wife was still alive. To do this without getting into trouble, he first alleged that he was single, then he said he was a widower and, finally, that his first wife was very sick, which had made him presume that she would die really soon. The file includes eight letters, most of them from family members, which might help capture the true facts of his stituation.

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