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[1617-1620]. Carta não autógrafa de Antónia Leal, mulher de um sapateiro, para um membro da Inquisição de Coimbra.

Autor(es) Antónia Leal      
Destinatário(s) Anónimo115      
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Accusation letter from Antónia Leal, wife of a shoemaker, to a member of the Inquisition in Coimbra.

The author lists the reasons that lead her to believe her brother-in-law is a Jew.

This accusation letter was written between 1617 and 1620. It seems to have been handwritten by a priest, to whom Antónia Leal has denounced her brother-in-law.The Inquisition archives contain, apart from the around 40 thousand individual proceedings ("processos"), a collection of scattered charges, for which the Inquisition "Promotor" had to decide whether or not to prosecute. Complaints, confessions, letters by the commissioners or about different stages of each proceedings are some of the document types that can be found in these books. This letter has been kept among such documentation.

«To the inquisitors. I'm a woman, here in Semide, married to a shoemaker whose name is André Marques, and for the past two or three months we have had at home a sister of mine with her husband, whose origins we ignore, as well as if he is a Jew or a Turk, because people say the Turks claim that Our Lady didn't give birth without a male. And it is the renegate who says such things; he must know her well. This man, whom people call the renegate from Fundão, place where he was married to another New Christian woman, praises that he did there some deeds that didn't burn him out, stole the justice and he is here as an excommunicate. And of these facts he praises himself. He is a man that renegates the bones from the saints in the altars, he swears by God's guts, he swears by the Devil's wounds and he commends his soul to them, that his deeds might be worth it. He says that, if God starves him to death, what bad piece will God eat from him and He will stop renegating; he says the water is damned and the damned will ask God of Heaven for it. He says that, when he's supposed to say "await me", in reality he is telling to wait for him until Christ's return. This proves him to be a Jew, for he doesn't believe that Christ came to the world. He says God can't forgive sins; he says God can't fix problems; he says a sinner can't be saved, not even God can save her; he says that great sins should not be confessed, people should kneel at the confessor's feet and look at the sky instead, this way they would immediately be forgiven; he says there's nothing for him to do or see in a church; he says he wishes harm to clergymen and to all religious things; he scorns: ‒ Blessed be the short dick of Christ; when his wife says: ‒ Help us God!- he answers: ‒ fuck us God; he says he wishes to dishonour a clergyman's daughter just for the hate he feels for him and, if this isn't possible, he will try to host the clergyman himself and he shall sleep with him and dishonour him by "a Pater" and to humilliate him. He is a man who pissed on his mule's privates saying that it was the mule's wish that he did so and that he knew the mule; he says he's not baptized, nor a Christian, because, in order to be it, he would have to be baptized again; he tells his wife to kiss him his privates and to carry out with it in her mouth and from behind; he says he sleeps with his wife in order not to sleep with a she-ass; he says that the saints are spectres and then he repeats that this is what the Turks say, because we fear the New Christians who ask for a blessing; he says that marriage was not created for a good purpose, nor to multiply mankind, but only to be lascivious without being blessed with a child. And if God sends him one, he shall kill her. He says he knows someone who slept and dishonoured a three year old girl; he says that, in some matters, the Devil is more powerful than God. He doesn't want his wife to go to the church or pray. He says he doesn't want to see beads in her hands. He promised his wife he would kill her if she confessed a deadly sin. Being a good Christian and the daughter of a good male son, and being of good conscience, she would only disobey him through confession [...]. And I, Antónia Leal, am waiting to give birth, my flanks are large and therefore I can't go to the Holy Inquisition to make an accusation. I am a woman who can't go on foot, even because my belly won't let me, so I looked for this priest in order to relief my conscience and soul until I am able to go to that Holy House. And, if I die, I'll have alleviated myself over this confessor's conscience.»

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pera verem os snors imquizedores

eu sou hũa molher cazada neste lugar de semide

com homem capateiro q se chama andre marques
he ha dous ou tre mezes que temos em caza hua minha
irmão com seu marido ho qual não sabemos d onde he nem
se he gudeu nem se he truquo porq diz q os trusquos q dizem
q a snra q não pari sem varão e he ho arenegado q tal
diz deve de saber muito dela
este homem chamamlhe ho arenegado no fundam
onde esteve cazado com outra molhe cristam nova e gavace
q fez la feitos q ho não queimarem lhe roubaran a gustixa
e anda por escumugado disto mesmo se gava ele
he homem q arenega de deus e de seus sanctos e arenega
dos osos dos sanctos dos aterez gura polas tripas de deus
gura polas chagas do diabo e emcomedase a elas q lhe
valham os seus trabalhos diz q se deus o matar de fome q
ma bocado a deus de comer dele e q ha d acabar d a
renegar dix q a augua q he maldita e q os malditos
vam pidila a deus do seu dis quando ha de dizer es
peraime em pratiqua diz q lhe esperem ate vinda de
cristo nisto mostra ser gudeu q não crcer cre q he
vindo ho mundo diz q deuos q não pode perdoar peca
dos diz q deus q não pode remediar trabalhos diz
q hũa pecadora q se não pode salvar nem deus a pode
salvar diz q os p pecados garandes q se não am de
comfecar senão porse os peis do comfecor e por os olhos n
no seu e q logo fiquam perdoados diz q não tem q ir fazer
a igreia nem tem q ir la ver diz q quer mal os qrelegos
e as cousas da igria diz por esquarneo nouvada seja a ca
ralhinha de c cristo diz quando diz sua molher os poderes
de deus nos valham respomdeponde os foderes de deus
nos valham

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