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[1592]. Carta de Diogo Nunes para o seu irmão, João Nunes, mercador.

Autor(es) Diogo Nunes      
Destinatário(s) João Nunes      
In English

Unsigned letter to João Nunes, new Christian, merchant.

The author cuts relations with his brother, because he forged intrigues against him. He orders him to take the necessary steps to solve all the remaining bills between them.

This letter had been written at the request of an inmate of a jail in Estremoz, who lost it during the transfer to the prison of the Evora Inquisition. The prisoner was João Mendes Bulhão, half new christian, teaseler, 46, born and resident in Estremoz, accused of Judaism.

«Sir. I have asked and begged you a few times to leave me alone. You continued with your whim, affronting me, dishonouring me, embarrassing me and talking about me everywhere, either by words or letters to whom you wish. I must warn you, as a friend, that a man who goes with the demons is separated from God and has lost hope of returning to Him soon, may the demon not compel you to do things that take the devil to be with you and you with him. However, you don't need to feel sorry for me, nor the cousin, since I don't want any medicine if it is given by you. All I want is that you, with much diligence, make your calculations and send me them free from all your debts in Portugal and my debts in Brazil, from what I've given you and what you've left me. And if after doing this we conclude that there is money for me to pay my debts in Brazil, give me debts to collect and pay what I owe with that money. I don't want anything else from you, I've never wanted. It's hard for me that you present this as being true, not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, but since I've always defended myself by saying I didn't want anything from you, that's enough for me. Please do this as soon as possible, because, if there's no money to pay my debts, I'll know what to do.»

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do muito a vm me deixe veio vm porse
gir sua teima afromtando me des
omRandome aquanhandome fazẽdo
a cada quanto audiensias de
asi palavras como cartas a
quẽ quer lembrolhe como amigo
que homẽ que ãda os demoni
os he apartado de deos he as es
peransas perdidas de tam sedo
tornar para hele não lhe fasa ho de
monio fazer cousas que ho di
abo ande vm he hele he
tudo, não tem nesesidade de se do
er de nẽ a prima que nẽ eu que
ro Remedio se da sua mão me a
de vir ho que so quero he que vm

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