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[1530]. Billete de Antonio de Medrano, cura, para su hermano Bernardino Díaz de Medrano.

Autor(es) Antonio de Medrano      
Destinatário(s) Bernardino Díaz de Medrano      
In English

Note from Antonio de Medrano to his brother Bernardino Díaz de Medrano.

The author asks his brother Bernardino Díaz de Medrano to send him to the jail certain objects and foods, informing him about which are the foods that often make him feel sick.

The sender of this letter was Antonio de Medrano, a priest in the churches of Navarrete y Fuenmayor (La Rioja). He was accused by the Inquisition of Logroño in 1526 of the crime of 'heretical propositions'. The three letters he sent to Juana López initiated the charges, which were truly motivated by the desire of the Cabredo family to deprive Antonio de Medrano of the power he had in Navarrete y Fuenmayor. The defendant was convicted to abjuration 'de levi' and to pay 100 golden 'ducados'. He was forbidden of preaching in private residences and of delivering the communion to under aged Catholics. In 1530 he was charged once more by the Inquisition of Toledo of 'Alumbrismo' and Epicureanism and convicted to abjuration 'de vehementi' in a public 'auto-da-fé', to life imprisonment in a monastery, the suspension of his priesthood for two years and the payment of 30,000 'maravedíes'.

The notes sent by Antonio de Medrano to his brother Bernardino Díaz de Medrano, asking him to take him certain foods and tools to the jail, were handed over to the prosecutor of the Holy Office, who joined them to the proceedings as a proof of the epicureanism of the accused, because these notes allegedly proved that he was interested only in eating and drinking well.

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por me hazer md nos ebye una escoba, y el bonete de falda q conpre aqui, y

una Redoma de agua Rosada y me conpre una almofia q quepa asta media
azunbre y ebyenos papel y pa my a comer no ebye mas de la colyta q no lo puedo
comer carnero. y el xarete sy byniese bie asado holgaria q me lo ebyase cada dya
y pues no puedo comer coçydo puedeme ebyar un pastelico de esos comunes cada mañana
y aun cada tarde y no me ebye ternera q no la puedo comer q vyene preada, syno lo
mas cotyno algund palomino o solomo de baca q sea bueno o otra cosa q sea delicada y ebye
camisa pa navaro. ebye azeytunas y tres o quatro clavo de a blanca
q sean de medya enpeta

el bachillr medrano

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