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[1790-1795]. Carta de Francisco Pardo, labrador, para Joaquín Pérez, cura párroco.

Autor(es) Francisco Pardo      
Destinatário(s) Joaquín Pérez      
In English

Letter from Francisco Pardo, a farmer, to Joaquín Pérez, a parish priest.

The author writes to the priest of the parish of San Pelayo to acquit himself of the accusation of theft made against him by José Herreros.

This letter was presented by José Herreros, a rich farmer, during the lawsuit he brought for the theft of more than 10,000 reales of the money of the Church of San Pelayo, which he, as the administrator, guarded in a chest in his house. He and various witnesses accused Francisco Pardo of being the thief, because they had seen him near the house of José Herreros in the night of the theft. In the first instance, the accusation of Herreros was belittled, and he was condemned of paying the costs, although the accusation was maintained. In 1792, eventually, the tribunal ruled in favour of the accused, absolving him and ordering his release, because the evidences presented were not conclusive.

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Mui Señor mio y mi dueño

ya qe no puedo ponerme delan
te de vm ai le remito esas
quatro letras escritas de mi ma
no dando a entender en ellas
mi ynocencia de lo qe estoi pa
decindo ynjustamente pues
no piense vm qe uno a qien
le disteis el agua del bautismo
sirviendole de padrino le asis
ten tan malos pensamientos co
mo me qieren acomular pues
pobre naci y povre qiero ser y
mas qiero entrar pobre en el cielo
qe rico en los infiernos

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