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1809. Carta de María Manuela Mata para su padre Francisco Mata.

Autor(es) María Manuela Mata      
Destinatario(s) Francisco Mata      
In English

Letter from María Manuela Mata to her father Francisco Mata.

The author asks her father, Francisco Mata, to meet her in Salamanca to deal with a personal matter.

Francisco Mata, a resident of Aldeadávila de la Ribera (Salamanca), made a complaint to the justice about his daughter, Maria Manuela Mata. Although unaware of her whereabouts, he had news that she was at the house of Nicolas Piñuela, a surgeon of Salamanca, because the brother of Nicholas Piñuela, a certain Camelete, had brought him a letter from his daughter asking him to go with the carrier to the house of Piñuela. The letter is shown here transcribed. He made inquiries and he found out that María Manuela Mata lived with Nicolas Piñuela and that she was pregnant. She refused to go back to his father, claiming that he forced her to serve in the house of some people she detested, and that Nicholas Piñuela was «a good Christian» who had taken her in his house.

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Sentence s-3 el grande deseo que tengo de ber a ud me da motibo a molestar su atencion a fin que luego que ud bea esta se sirba tener la bondad de Ponerse en camino con el dador, para ciertos particulares qe tengo que comunicar a ud los que no puedo participarle sin que sea personalmente;
Sentence s-4 y asi para ebitar barios Perjuicios, e de deber a ud que sin la mas lebe repugnancia se ponga en camino con el dador, el mismo que le dirijira a ud a la casa adonde me allo;
Sentence s-5 Asi lo espero del Paternal amor y cariño que ud me a tratado siempre, en que recibire singular gusto,
Sentence s-6 y para si ud no se allase con dinero, el dador le entregara 20 rs para el camino
Sentence s-7 ademas qe de lo que tengo aunque poco aorrado no le faltara a ud cosa Alguna;

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