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1768. Carta apócrifa de Bernardo Gómez Velasco, fingiendo ser anónima, para él mismo.

Autor(es) Bernardo Gómez Velasco      
Destinatário(s) Bernardo Gómez Velasco      
In English

Apocryphal letter from Bernardo Gómez Velasco, pretending to be anonymous, to himself.

The author writes to himself pretending someone is warning him of a treason being concocted against him in Madrid.

This litigation against Bernardo Gómez y Velasco was initiated by the count of Aranda following several accusations of theft, murder of a woman, fraud and threats against Aranda. The defendant wrote several anonymous letters pretending to be someone else in order to get money from other people. During the interrogation he admitted to be the author of this letter to exculpate himself, which he pretended he had received. The enquiries were conducted first by the president of the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa and later by the Chancery of Valladolid, following Aranda´s direct orders, who decided how everything had to be done in this proceeding and urged the president to sentence. The defendant was accused of being "a treacherous murderer, a road bandit, a famous thief, a deceiver, a perjurer and a sacrilegious", and he was condemned "to the gallows and then his head and his right hand to be cut from his corps in order to fix them in a high stick. The head will be located next to the cross of Inunciaga on the way from Oñate to Legarpia, and the hand in Bilbao in a public place". Subsequently, the Crime Court commuted the sentence for a prison one and for "public shame", apart from 10 year´s imprisonment in Africa forced to do public works, with dead penalty in case he tried to avoid it. He was acquitted from the chargers of murder. All the letters presented were taken into account as exhibits against him.

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Frase s-3 un gran señor y consejero se alla en mui gran peligro por algunos que le trazan tricion con falsedad y os suplico os acordeis de el en buestras oraciones y obras santas pues soi seguro que si bos lo tomais a buestro cargo para con Dios segun me aconseja el que gobierna mi conciencia no saldran con sus falsos yntentos contra la ynocencia que padecera pues es persona que hara gran falta en españa
Frase s-4 y si fuese caso que os llamen a Madrid ande vmd con cuidado pues tendra vmd mucho peligro de la vida
Frase s-5 y debuelbo el encargo de este gran señor en rogar a Dios por su ynocencia en buestras contenplatibas oraciones y santas obras las que espero hareis a su yntencion para que no se pierda tanto bien como espera españa de este buen consejero que intentan perder aquelos tridores aunque io soi de la cudrilla aunque con otro yntento
Frase s-6 y si vmd fuese llebado a la corte que no dudo dejaran de Azer para balerse de los sanos consejos de vmd tener especial cuidado porque sera vmd en gran peligro
Frase s-7 y a mi me ponga vmd presente en sus oraciones
Frase s-8 el señor ge a vm
Frase s-9 no firmo hasta que el tiempo lo permita.
Frase s-10 debuelbo a decir a vmd como se allan en la corte algunos de estos caballeros praticando dilijencia de la traicion

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