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[1754]. Carta de Francisco de São Joaquim, frade, para Maria do Espírito Santo.

Author(s) Francisco de São Joaquim      
Addressee(s) Maria do Espírito Santo      
In English

Love letter from Francisco de São Joaquim, friar, to Maria do Espírito Santo.

The author tells his beloved about some current affairs, especially about a gift that he had given to her and which was then coveted by the people her: since this called other people's attention onto their secret love, he regretted having offered it to her.

Maria do Espírito Santo claimed to be haunted by the demon and was submitted to an exorcism more than once. During one of these supernatural episodes she was assisted by the friar Francisco de São Joaquim Bom Sucesso, who spend the nights with her, at her request. Maria do Espírito Santo was arrested and, while in prison, gave birth to a boy. She was condemned to being publicly whipped and sent to exile for four years, among other penances.

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