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1825. Carta de Vitorino José, lavrador, para Jacinto Gomes.

Author(s) Vitorino José      
Addressee(s) Jacinto Gomes      
In English

Request letter from Vitorino José, farmer, to Jacinto Gomes.

The author asks the recipient to deliver certain cows to the bearer, to which he refers as being "emparcadas", saying that later he will compensate him for these services.

Vitorino José has been accused of stealing some cattle from captain Américo. He has tried to incriminate another man, José Morgado, but later his declarations involved some contradictions. He ended up in prison and paid his penalty.

To Mr. Jacinto Gomes.

I hope you are in good health, like I wish you to be.

This letter is intended to tell you that I have no doubts about delivering them at the house of the holder of this letter, because they are stored in Mértola. And, to avoid any more expenses, I will pay you the work of taking care of the so-called cows, since I'm a prisioner in the jail of Mértola. And, therefore, you'll hand them both out of good will, as I'm sure you will.

From this servant and friend of yours,

Today, the third of March, 1825

Vitorino José do Vasco Rodrigues

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