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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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[1827-1828]. Carta de Ángel Muñoz para Manuel López, capitán de caballería.

Author(s) Ángel Muñoz      
Addressee(s) Manuel López      
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Letter from Ángel Muñoz to Manuel López, a cavalry captain.

The author informs Manuel López about how much it is difficult for him to communicate with the addressee, as well as with other friends who were imprisoned. He also informs him about the latest movements of the troops.

The General Police Administration was closely monitoring the activities of foreign citizens residing in Portugal, also controlling their communications, in collaboration with the superintendent of the Posts. This letter is part of this intercepted correspondence from those Spanish military and intellectuals who, fleeing the absolutist Spain, had taken refuge in Portugal and were suspected of harboring liberal ideas and of plotting to overthrow Fernando VII and establish a constitutional regime.

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