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1658. Carta no autógrafa de José Manrique y Aguayo para Alonso Ruiz de la Portilla.

Author(s) José Manrique y Aguayo      
Addressee(s) Alonso Ruiz de la Portilla      
In English

Unsigned letter sent by José Manrique y Aguayo to Alonso Ruiz de la Portilla.

José Manrique y Aguayo writes Alonso Ruiz de la Portilla, his majordomo, to tell him that he received his letter and to express the wish that the addressee could see his wife soon.

On the 5th of June, 1658, José Manrique and Aguayo, marquis of Santaella, left the city of Cordoba and went towards Écija, accompanied by Alonso Vélez de Guevara, son of the Chief Magistrate of Cordoba and administrator of the estate of the Marquis. There, he took Isabel Galindo out of the convent where she lived as a student, because he wanted to marry her. However, the marquis, who was seventeen years old, could not marry without the consent of his family and of the Council of Castile. For this reason, Juan Antonio de Heredia, public prosecutor of the Chancellery of Granada, was ordered to investigate the case. He tried to determine the guilt of the marquis, but also if there had been the complicity of other people. The people accused of complicity were Juan Vélez de Guevara, the aforementioned Chief Magistrate of Córdoba, and Alonso Vélez de Guevara, who was married with a sister of Isabel Galindo. They were accused of being informed of the plot of the marquis, and of having interest in becoming relatives with the marquis. Other people accused were Alonso Ruiz de la Portilla, tutor of the marquis, Baltasar Galindo and Francisco Manrique de Ayala. Eventually, nobody of the accused was sentenced, if not to pay fines. Many letters were joined to the proceedings, from which it is possible to read about the episode and the reactions it provoked in the family of the marquis.

This letter and the previous (PS5072) were joined to the proceedings because Alonso Ruiz de Portilla had received them while he was imprisoned in Cordoba waiting for the process, and they had been brought by a one-eyed man who claimed to be a mail officer. The public prosecutor opened and read them, and decided to join them to the proceedings.

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