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Corpus Search

CQP Query:   query builder | visualize | options

Type in a search query in the CQL (Corpus WorkBench Query Language) format in the text box above to search in the CORDIAL-SIN corpus.

You can search on the following fields:

  • Verbatim form
  • Normalized form
  • Lemma
  • POS Tag
  • Abandoned/repeated form
  • Broken form
  • Overlaps
  • Pauses/Voiced pauses

The CQL syntax uses an intuitive system of defining properties of words you are looking for

For instance, the query

[lemma="casa"] [pos="ADJ*"]

will search for any form of the word casa followed by an adjective.

More information about the CQL language can be found here

To facilitate searching, the interface provides a query builder which provides an easy way to define simple queries in CQL. Just click on the query builder icon to open the query builder, define your query, and click on the button to insert that query in the CQL query box, after which you can modify it by hand if needed, or simply hit search.

You can use the Query Builder to just search for documents - you do this by not providing any token restrictions, which will make the system interpret the query as a search for document.