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For the benefit of researchers who want to deal with Cordial-Sin data using external tools, we offer them below in a text format, distributed by interview excerpt, location and transcription/annotation level.

Distribution Transcription Edition Annotated version Treebank(1)
By excerpt (2058 files) transcription_excerpt.zip edition_excerpt.zip annotation_excerpt.zip treebank_excerpt.zip
By location (42 files) transcription_location.zip edition_location.zip annotation_location.zip treebank_location.zip
Total corpus (1 file) transcription_corpus.zip edition_corpus.zip annotation_corpus.zip treebank_corpus.zip

(1) PSD files are searchable with CorpusSearch. The storage of equivalent PSDX files in TEITOK is currently under development. Once completed, syntactic data will also be searchable online.