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CORDIAL-SIN: The Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects

The CORDIAL-SIN is a dialect corpus of European Portuguese. The materials for this corpus were drawn from the recordings of dialect speech collected by the CLUL ATLAS team as fieldwork interviews for linguistic atlases (ALEAç, ALEPG, ALLP and BA) between 1974 and 2004 in more than 200 locations in the Portuguese territory.

The CORDIAL-SIN compiles a geographically representative body of selected excerpts of spontaneous and semi-directed speech from these interviews. The informants have the sociological profile of traditional dialectal informants: old, non-educated, rural and born and raised in place of interview.

The corpus amounts to 600,000 words, collected from 42 locations within the continental territory of Portugal and the archipels of Madeira and Azores. The data are linguistically annotated both at the morphosyntactic and the syntactic levels.

The CORDIAL-SIN corpus was compiled and annotated under several dialect syntax projects ( ) run by Ana Maria Martins and Ernestina Carrilho.

Within the SynAPse project, we prepared an XML-TEI edition of the CORDIAL-SIN corpus. To consult the corpus on the SynAPse page, click on the points marked on the map below. To search the corpus, choose one of the search options on the left menu.


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